Nearly every day of my life involves mosaics in one form or another. Between collaborating and planning installations, working with students and friends or simply gluing stuff to other stuff, I am immersed. Welcome to shiny pieces...
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changing blogs

Dear blogger,

You've been good to me. But in an effort to simplify my cyber-life I'm moving the blog into my website. It's not you, it's me.

love, Kirstin is where you can find future posts to shiny pieces.

See you there. This is the last post on this blog address.


finished mosaic in mumbai

Hello. Yes, I realize it has been over a month since I came back from India and that I never finished posting about the final product. I just got so swept up in the final days of being in Mumbai and all that it entails to be a world citizen. Then, I reached home and went into hyper-naptosis mode for a couple of weeks, and then, I started working on the remodel of my website and the launching of a new blog, shopping cart, and web platform to operate my mosaic business from.

wishing places & good times with friends.

However, I do want to offer closure on this project, and announce that soon, I will no longer be posting here on shinypieces. I will be posting on my new website that has a built in blog. One day I'll transfer all the posts over there but for the meanwhile...who has two thumbs and two blogs? This girl.

So India was amazing, and our project was a great success. I will be attaching some images for you to enjoy. I am still processing how I will go forward with all the things I learned about these types of projects, about myself, about India, about everything. But one thing I can say with certainty is that all involved were happy with the outcome of our project, and that it was an amazing feat that we finished it in the allotted time-frame.

riding the mumbai train during the busy times.

Without further ado, here is the second-to-last posting I will be doing on this blog. Next post, I introduce you to my new home. Enjoy the pics!

working on the wall

grouting is a dirty job




Gayatri and I love this mosaic.


let's hear it for the team

I love my job here in Mumbai. I am sad that it is coming to a close and hope someone else wants me to do the same for their international school, anywhere in the world. I am just putting this out there into the subether. If you or someone you know works at an international school or other institution would like me to come and consult on a community (it started out as student-driven but has evolved into so much more) collaborative mosaic mural workshop, just let me know and I will send along a proposal to get the ball rolling. This is a magical experience each and every time I do it. This is my seventh student driven mosaic project and I hope to do it a hundred more times. (I also do custom work. Just contact me.)

Enough self promotion. What I really want to talk about this time is my team. Students, teachers and moms, all equally giving their free time to see this project through, have carried this mosaic to its near completion. We grout in 6 days. This project, with its size and scope, should have taken 6-8 months to complete. And we did it in less than 4! Amazing.

I hope that all those involved will continue to create. That they will stay in touch and value the relationships that were fostered through over these months. It is difficult not to make friends when you spend so much time together! I want to thank everyone for their tireless commitment and commend all on a drama-free experience. It has been wonderful and I am entering into the wistful, nostalgic "I know I am leaving soon" phase of my trip, where I am teary-eyed much of the time... (each time I see something that reminds me of a memory or a person, which is a lot).

Thank you, Oberoi family, for treating me like a true professional, and an expert. I feel respected and admired here. I feel relevant as an artist and craftswoman. Thank you.

Thank you, staff of OIS, for supporting our project and welcoming me into the fold.

Thank you, students, for being sweet and uncomplaining, and for your dedication and good work. You created this wonderful work!

Thank you, moms, for saving this project. Without you, we would not have been able to finish.

 Thank you, friends, for everything. This isn't our last meeting.





on the wall & on the road

That's right! The mosaic panels have been completed (except for the joining seams) and we were able to install them on the wall where they will permanently reside.

All this happened yesterday, a mere 5 days after returning from a blissful week of R&R with Ryan in Kerala, Southern India.

Now we have 3 weeks til zero hour (grouting day). Wish us luck!

Many thanks to all who have helped to make this project possible and to go as seamlessly as it has.

And now, for some pics of our 1 week tour of Kerala and the Southern parts of India...


food (eaten on banana leaves)

monkey gaze


gorgeous sunsets

motorcycle tour

canoe rides

crazy spiders

we even found ourselves...(surprise!)...mosaicking.


queue for ferryboat

made it to the beach! (celebrating a happy 6 years with this awesome fellow)

crazy roads to travel on

sukhasana in a motorcycle helmet...power break from riding.

most. awesome. sign. ever.

temples and good friends...